What is return of the fog?

Return of the fog is a IT-project in Haaga-Helia UAS done by 3 students, Alexandr Harjumäki, Toni Hukka and Roope Hytönen. We are revolutionizing the imaging standard with FOG, an open source imaging solution. The old system Ghost by Symantec takes around 15 minutes to image Windows to our computers, with FOG we do it in around 5 minutes. With the new system we are able to deploy and capture any image. See our progress here.


To do:

  • Write the manual
  • Perform a couple multicast- and unicast tests for the whole class with different images.
  • Figure out why the Windows clock is always wrong after deploying an image.
  • Wonder why this page is in English and the blog is in Finnish?

baby don’t fog me.